Kingland Pet Service is offering Kingland Kennels whelping / puppy care service to a limited number of reprove letters each year. We created our whelping service to assist dog owners in breeding their female dog but don’t have the knowledge, time, patience, experience or even the facility to give the bitch the best safest and healthiest environment to raise her puppies. Being employed at three different animal hospitals and 13 years of breeding, your b**** and litter will receive and go through the same amazing system that we implement at Kingland Kennels including neurological stimulation and rules of seven. We will be there every step of the way until there are in the hands of their new owner.

Ready for our service?
You the dog owner calls and informs us you are interested in having your dog bread or need assistance with an unknown pregnancy. We will set up a free in-house consultation for evaluation of the whelping area and home and to get acquainted with your bitch.

For our in-home whelping service
We have spaces in home rooms design for whelping and raising puppies depending on the dog I’d like to have your female at my facility 1-2 weeks of whelping dates you will be able to watch bitch and litter on live feed. Any and all cost of veterinarian fees will be the owner’s responsibility

For your home whelping service
The whelping room needs to be 12 by 12 utilizing a 5 by 12 whelping space no carpet preferably ceramic tile. We will bring everything that is needed for this service to your home. Any and all costs of veterinarian fee will be the owner’s responsibility.

You are welcome to be involved in the process as you like but there is no need to stress about the process I can take care of it all for you.

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24 hours a day

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