Pet Drop-off & Pick-Up

We come and pick up your pet from your home and safely and securely transport them to their appointment. Dogs either be transferred in a dog crate or safely secured to a seat belts strap or harness and cats are transported safely in there cat Kennels in a secured vehicle. The safety of your pet is our main concern

When we arrive at the destination for the appointment we will drop them off or return When the appointment is completed or we can wait for them while they’re in their appointments. When we drop them off the time stops running until we return to pick them back up. Time will continue to keep running if we wait for them during their appointment.

After the appointment we securely and safely transport them back to their home. Once they have arrived back home we make sure that they have plenty of water and safely secure the house when we leave. Time will stop when we leave your home.

I will drop off and pick up service is $35 an hour. There is a minimum charge of an hour and a $14 charge every additional hour. A new hour will start charge 5 minutes after the previous hour.

We also have a Supply drop off service for pet food or pet supplies for owners that may not have the time or too busy

Number of miles
  • 1 to 5 miles $15
  • 5 to 15 miles $20
  • 15 to 30 miles $35
  • 30 plus miles $1.50/mile additional
Trip to local dog park
  • $35/1hr/visit

We will pick up your dog from home, and take them to a park ( Park must be within 5 miles from clients home) there we will spend time playing, exercising or even training your dog. environments that have numerous amount of distractions is best for training. We will encourage your dog to play with other dogs that are compatible to them. Your dog must be well behaved and non-aggressive. If your dog becomes aggressive with other dogs and must leave early you will be charged for our time and you will be notified of the situation

Dogs that we take to the park must have all all medical records of standard vaccinations and proof of rabies vaccinations

After hour visits: $10 additional
service hours: 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
services are finished by 8 p.m.

Holiday premiums
  • New Years Eve $20
  • New Year’s Day $10
  • Easter Sunday $5
  • Memorial Day $5
  • Fourth of July $5
  • Labor Day $10
  • Thanksgiving $10
  • Christmas Eve $10
  • Christmas Day $15

Within 24 hours of service: 25% of estimated bill

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