Kingland Pet Service is both bonded and insured. Complementary pet insurance for every service. We have your tail covered!

Owners pets

This insurance coverage is injuries to the pet owner’s pet(s) in the sitter or dog walker’s care, custody, and control.

Sitter or dog walkers pets

This coverage is valid for injuries to the sitter or dog walker’s resident pet(s) as a direct result of contact with the pet owner’s pet.

General liability

General liability responds to claims for bodily injury to a person other than the sitter, dog walker, pet owner, or someone directly related to the pet owner, sitter, or dog walker. This also responds to claims for pet owner’s property damage that occurs as a result of a sitter or dog walker’s services.

Coverage exceptions
  • Damage to the sitter or dog walker’s personal property.
  • Injuries to the sitter/dog walker, anyone related to or living with the sitter/dog walker, or anyone helping provide pet care during the booking.
  • Injuries to the pet owner or anyone related to or living with the pet owner.
  • Treatment costs for medical or veterinary bills as a result of pet illness, a pre-­existing condition, or preventive care.
  • Bookings made outside of Kingland Pet Service .
  • Damage made or medical care required as a result of Meet & Greet.
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